#12DaysOfBlogmas//Christmas Beauty Wishlist and Gift Guide

Now that Christmas is around the corner I thought I would share my beauty wishlist, just in case you wanted some inspiration on what to treat a beauty lover in your life. These products are ones which are great for all types of makeup lovers, some a more specific to taste and some are great for adding to someone’s collection. They’re also ideal for different skin types and tones so they’re a universal gift for all.

Dose of Colours x Desi & Katy Friendcation palette

This is a palette for pretty much ALL makeup lovers, it’s for the beginners, the masters, the MUA’s, the neutral lover, and someone who’s starting to branch out into colour. This formula has been so highly raves about and contains colours which will be loved and used regularly. The mattes works with all the shimmers and can create cohesive looks by themselves too which I amazing. It’s great for mid week dinner date, Monday morning work meeting and a Saturday night out, which is what you need from a palette. Now this palette is a bit pricey at £49 on BeautyBay so it is perfect to put on a Christmas list as a present off someone so you get a lovely treat. This is on the top of my Christmas list this year!

Available at Beauty Bay.

Melt Gemini eyeshadow palette

Now this palette is a bit less versatile but no less beautiful, this is the Melt Gemini palette. This is a mixture of grunge forest/khaki greens and warm rusty orange and yellows, this palette is for makeup lovers who will ROCK these tones all year round. If you know that the beauty lover in your life loves these tones then this is perfect for them. It has an unbelievable formula and a unique colour scheme which makes people go crazy for it online. This palette is £48 so obviously a pretty expensive one but it is so stunning and if used regularly it is well worth it. This palette speaks to my soul and might have to go on my birthday list in 2020.

Available on Beauty Bay.

Melt Vida Pressed Pigment Palette

Similarly from Melt there is a brighter newer version of this colour scheme which goes by the name of Vida. This palette is much brighter than the Gemini but speaks to a similar audience. This one is the same price as the Gemini but has a different formula which makes the shades more vibrant and more pigmented. This one is also really stunning and newly arrived on beauty bay so it could make a great gift. I’m less interested in this one but I still can see how bloody beautiful it really is.

Available on Beauty Bay.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry palette

My final eyeshadow palette for this wish list and gift guide is the ABH Sultry palette. This is much more cool tone and ‘natural’ looking palette which is quite unique in this market of warm tones and crazy colours. This palette is also well raved about online as it is something mainstream which caters to an audience who love cool tones and neutrals. It is a stunning palette and I’ve been really eying it up but I don’t necessarily need it right now. This will be ideal for anybody who’s starting out in makeup or who wears these tones everyday as ABH has a reliable and well attested to formula of eyeshadow. The quality is always high with ABH so you can always gift them because they’ll be great. However this palette is getting discontinued (apparently) and already is in America so keep that in mind however the ABH UK site is still stocking it as well as other stockists.

Available on Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay, ABH UK, Look Fantastic, and Feel Unique

Urban Decay Stay Naked foundation

This foundation was one of many which released in 2019 but man has it gathered a fan base. This is a medium buildable Foundation which has a real skin finish and is waterproof and long lasting. It also has 50 shades which fall into 9 shade intensities, 3 master tones and 7 undertones, which makes this a pretty diverse and inclusive range. However foundation can be pretty personal to the person you’re buying for so you’ve gotta be careful with this one. I think this would be a great foundation for a lot of people and in reviews I’ve seen it can be quite adaptable which makes it great for pretty much all skin types. I know people in my real life who own this and man their skin always looks FLAWLESS in it. So this is on my list to buy once I’ve used up my other foundations. A tip is that you can always get samples of the foundation from the stores and they offer shade matching services too which is great for making sure it works for you.

Available on Urban Decay UK, Look Fantastic, John Lewis, and Debenhams

Glossier Cloud Paints

I am an absolute blush FIEND okay so this is something which I will love and use regularly, these are the Glossier Cloud Paints. Glossier has a particular brand and style of makeup which is something I ADORE and try to embody in my routines, if you want to know what I mean then check out either their socials or people like Katie Jane Hughes or Annie Cherry on Instagram. These liquid blushes are a dream for me but I cannot justify the price right now especially when I own some from MUA which are only £2.50 instead of £15. However liquid blushes are so gorgeous and great for so many types of looks, especially if you own a few of them because you can mix them to get your perfect shade. On the Glossier Website you can get a set of two shades for £20 which is a bit cheaper than buying individually which is great for gifting. I am personally eyeing up Beam, Puff, Dawn and Dusk as they’re the ones which will work best with my skin tone.

Available on Glossier UK.

Lottie London Freckle Tint

The Lottie London Freckle Tint is a product which is quite specific to some people but also is one which would make a nice addition to a collection. It’s not something everyone has but could use at some point, I would even recommend it for MUA’s who might want to have something to be able to add freckles to a clients face. This is something I want to add to my collection because I adore the faux freckle looks. This want is also inspired by the oh so incredible AnnieCherry on Instagram as she uses this and the Freck product (which is much more expensive than the Lottie one) to create some gorgeous Faux Freckles.

Available on Skinny Dip, ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, Lottie London, Feel Unique

  • Physician Formula Butter Bronzer
  • Physicians Formula has only just come to the UK in 2019 and I’ve still not had a chance to try any of it yet, the one product which I’ve been pining after from the whole brand is the butter bronzer. I adore bronzer as it’s a step that really adds a healthy amount of colour into your routine and when I’ve seen all of the rave reviews I know I need to try it one day soon. It’s a bronzer which is finely milled and has a gorgeous sheen so it just looks so natural and gorgeous on the skin. It comes in multiple shades so it’ll work for all skin tones and is a staple in a makeup routine so it’s a great gift to give someone especially if they’re in the UK and not been able to get their hands on it.

    Available at Boots, and Feel Unique.

    L’Oreal Bonjour Sunshine Liquid Bronzer

    If they’re not a powder bronzer fan then the L’Oreal Bonjour Sunshine is a great alternative. It’s a bronzing liquid which can be used underneath or on top of make up, this is something I would use as a primer to make my skin much more healthy looking. The only downside with this is that there isn’t any other shades of this product so if it won’t work on your skin tone then you cannot really use this product. Since I am of a lighter complexion this is definitely on my Wishlist!

    Available at ASOS, and Look Fantastic

    Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask

    If the beauty lover in your life isn’t hugely into make up the next few ideas are for them! I love the Banana Shampoo and conditioner from The Body Shop and this Banana Hair Mask will be a great addition to that. Since it is winter and everything is drier in winter, my hair definitely needs a boost so this is on my wishlist this year. There is also a gift set with the banana shampoo and conditioner in if you wanted to check that out too!

    Available on The Body Shop

    Calming Camomile Gentle Cleanse Gift Set

    The Body Shop also has some amazing skincare so I thought I would share this gift set here for you. The Camomile cleansing balm is one of my favourite cleansers and I would love to try the eye makeup remover too, so I’m going to put this on my wishlist. It also comes with a cloth which is always useful for skincare usage.

    Available at The Body Shop

    Yog Nog Body Spray

    Lush has some really beautifully smelling products and if I’m honest I would LOVE to receive this as a gift for Christmas. Now Lush is a bit more pricey than say The Body Shop but this is much more special of a gift than a body shop spray. The Yog Nog scent is the most delicious sweet scent and I ADORE it, however there are other ones in case the person you want to buy for doesn’t like this scent. There is Snow Fairy, Celebrate, Golden Pear, Twilight, Dirty, Rose Jam, Dads Garden Lemon Tree, Plum Rain, Vanillary and Uptown Funk.

    Available on Lush

    That my friends is my wishlist and gift guide for beauty lovers, I hope you enjoyed it and it has inspired you. This is my second Blogmas post so if you want to check out my first one I’ll leave that here for you.

    Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. If you’ve enjoyed my recent content then please leave me a like, comment and follow so I know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which are all left down below.

    Alex xxx


    1. Omg so many thing I love on this list. Loveee the Melt Gemini Palette, the Cloud Paints, the Butter Bronzer and the ND foundation. ❤️❤️

      I nearly purchased the Desi x Katy Palette this year when Dose of Colors was doing 40% bc the finishes of the metallic shades look so insane! I can’t wait to see the looks you’ll create with that palette!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They are the top of my list and when my birthday comes around I’m definitely going to get a few of them, I actually got the butter bronzer in a sale recently and I’m so happy about it! I can’t wait to receive it and do my review post on it!


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