#12DaysOfBlogmas// Ultimate Favourites of 2019

Welcome To Day 7 of #12DaysOfBlogmas, if you have missed the first 6 posts then you can check them out here, here, here, here, here and here.

I had decided to do two 2019 favourites posts this year: one for beauty and one for everything else. This was due to the fact that I had so much in both that I just needed to separate them out. If you want to catch up on my Best of Beauty 2019 post or any other of my #12DaysOfBlogmas posts then you can check them out on my blog. So let’s get onto the winners of this year!

Favourite clothing items:

Midi Skirts

I wore midi skirts in 3/4 of the seasons in 2019 and have truly loved them throughout it all, I wore them in spring, summer and autumn which made them one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe.

Favourite shoes:

Black Vans

I bought my vans in the first few months of 2019 and have worn them throughout the whole year, they are the comfiest shoes I have ever tried and felt like they were worth the money I spent on them. They go with jeans, trousers, leggings, skirts and even dresses and so I have found them to be my most worn shoes all year and so they deserve a shout out!

Doc Martens Chelsea Boots

In October I got these Doctor Martens Leonore Chelsea Boot with fur lining in black and I love them. They are my favourite boots and in the past few months I have worn them so so much, they’re so easy to wear in the colder months and go well with so many outfits. I also included them in my #12DaysOfBlogmas//Winter essentials and favourites post which just shoes how much I love them.

Favourite book:

Talking about Jane Austin in Baghdad by Bee Rowlatt and May Witwit

I have talked about this book in a favourites of mine in the past and also in my #12DaysOfBlogmas// The Books I’ve Read In 2019 post so I will only quickly touch on this book and what it means to me. My Dad picked me this up half way through the year after hearing it being read on a radio show knowing I would love it, and as always he was right. This was the book which got be back into reading when I had given up on it in March/April and I couldn’t put it down. I carried it everywhere with me and it was the starter of me carrying around a book with me everywhere I go.

The Harry Potter series

Yes okay lets get it out of the way, I didn’t start reading Harry Potter until I was 19 and didn’t finish them until I turned 20!! In my defence I just wasn’t that interested and I definitely haven’t watched the films (because I don’t have the attention span for films in general) but I decided in 2019 I wanted to read them all and I have. They have been a series I have enjoyed across the whole year and I can truly appreciate the story, writing style and topics that the series touches on. It’s an amazing series and I can see how it has made an entire empire around it.

Favourite place visited:


In September, Jack and I went on our second holiday abroad and this year we went to the south of Portugal. We opted for a seaside holiday which we loved and spent a whole week relaxing, sunbathing and swimming. It was the favourite place to visit in 2019 as it was so different to home and it was such a nice change. I adored the sun and I loved having the opportunity to read 5 books in a week and do NOTHING else.

Favourite concert:

Lewis Capaldi

I have been to multiple concerts and shows this year (George Ezra, Anne-Marie, Russell Howard and The Lion King) but Lewis Capaldi was definitely the best one. He is such a personality with the voice of an angel, which is what has made him my favourite of the year. It was in the Manchester Academy so it was a more intimate venue and he was just so amazing that I cried 3 times and got to dance with the love of my life whilst being showered with the most angelic vocals ever.

Favourite food and drink:


Seafood has been the food of 2019 for me, I have been having fish and rice for lunch for the majority of the year and been experimenting with fish as much as I can. I had so much fish in Portugal which was amazing and also found my new favourite place to eat in the North East, Rileys Fish Shack (food pictured below). Fish is so good for you and with trying to find myself a much healthier lifestyle I am loving eating better.

Indian food

As a treat, Jack and I have loved going for an Indian on our date nights. I have loved trying out the different dishes and finding some really delicious food and restaurants local to us.

Favourite hobby:


In 2018 I only read 3 books which I cannot believe since I have always been such a book lover, so I decided I was going to read 12 books in the year of 2019 and I can happily say that has happened. I have gotten myself back into reading and I have even started a book club with my best pal Megan from PixieSkiesBlog, you can check out our first book at Book Club Read 1, which we will be reinstating each month in 2020 to make sure that I can keep up my momentum with reading.


In 2019 I have fallen in love with my blog and I have been really putting so much into it. It gives me this creative outlet and control that I crave and gives me a hobby which helps me feel productive and connect with a community. I have loved what I have written about and I am so proud of all of the content I have created. I have go big plans for this blog in 2020 and I have a post coming later on in my #12DaysOfBlogmas series so if you’re interested in what’s to come follow me on here and on my other socials to see what the crack is.


2019 has been the year I have truly fallen in love with the art of makeup, I have learnt so much and this hobby gives me the time and space to be creative but also spend at least 30 minutes on myself. Makeup helps me feel confident and beautiful, and it also just makes me really happy. There’s not a lot more I love then lusting after a new makeup item, getting it, loving it and then reviewing and using it for you guys. I love the community I have built and joined doing makeup and also the friends I have made through this blog.

Favourite albums:

Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent by Lewis Capaldi

This album came out in May when I was on holiday and it became the album of the year for me, I have listened to so much of it this year and just adored every single song. Lewis Capaldi has been a fave over the year and so this album was going to be an obvious choice, however it was much more beautiful than I thought it would be. I loved him so much I wrote a blog post on him called Why Someone Like You Is So Special.

Jesus Is King by Kanye West

This is a more recent favourite but it was such a special album to me, as some of you may know I have really started to build my faith this year and this album was something that was released when I started slipping away from my faith. It is by Kanye West who is obviously pretty mainstream and so the fact that a very mainstream figure released a gospel album means that the gospel will find more people. It is a great album which talks about faith and Jesus, and is really great to listen to during quiet times, when you’re walking, when you’re at the gym or in the car.

Favourite YouTubers:

Nicole Cutler

Nicole Cutler or Nicole Renee has been the number 1 youtuber for me in 2019, and I will tell you exactly why. Firstly, she is gorgeous and has a really lovely personality I easily connect to so when I feel a bit lonely I will always put one of her videos on and I just feel like I’m discussing makeup with a friend. Secondly, she has such an amazing style of makeup that is so me I just adore and feel so inspired by all of her content whether that be on YouTube or Instagram. Finally, I thin Nicole has such well curated content that I want to watch every single YouTube or IGTV video she creates. We have very similar skin type and makeup preferences so that all of her content really appeals to me. It is very obvious to me that the content Nicole makes is true to her and is something she is proud of, it is all very interesting but also relevant and she is the only youtuber who I will watch every single video on without fail because of that. She is authentic, talented and is the least problematic influencer around. She is very honest about things such as waste and consumerism and uses her beliefs to create her content, regardless whether that’s what is getting the most views online. Definitely check her out!

Samantha March

I found Samantha in 2019 and have really loved so much of her content. I am a viewer who will have videos on in the background when I do anything and so I love having long and consistent videos to watch when I need some background noise or something to solely watch. Samantha just does that for me and that’s what makes her a favourite. She has regular series and does really interesting concept videos that keeps me really interested and always coming back to her channel. I love the fact that she’s very aware of consumerism and has really inspired me to want to do a series like her shop her stash series and also inspired my To Buy or Not To Buy, That Is The Question. (Wishlist/antihaul) series.


Melissa is someone that I have found in the last half of 2019 but I have probably watched about 60+ of her videos already! She is a beauty influencer from Edinburgh who has a gorgeous style of makeup which inspires me to no end. Like Samantha March, Melissa makes lovely long videos which are in-depth and informative that I just cannot stop watching them. She is just amazing and deserves so much love and support, so if you don’t watch her then please go and follow/subscribe to her and send her some love!

Favourite Instagram influencer:

Annie Cherry

2019 has truly been the year of Annie Cherry! Annie is a Manchester based makeup artist who is my biggest inspiration in this business. She has an amazing personality, a beautiful timeless style and is just such an interesting soul. I went to her makeup masterclass in June and sat front row and was so engaged with it because I was so eager to learn. I am definitely planning to do lessons with her in the future and want to continue to be inspired by her as a person and as a makeup lover. So if you do anything after this post, go and give Annie a follow and let her know I sent you!

Favourite Podcast:


Approachable is a podcast made by Samantha Ravndahl and Alyssa Anderson. Sam and Alyssa are best friends and are both part of the social media world, on this podcast they talk about different topics or experiences which will hopefully help and inform people about things that are going on in the world. They just have such a chemistry and an energy which makes it so easy and fun to listen to and it is almost like having a deep conversation with your friends. They also have had some incredible guests on this year and my favourite was in fact Sarah from the Birds Papaya on Instagram or from the Papaya Podcast. Definitely check it out on Spotify, ITunes or Apple Podcasts.

I have even written to a response to one of the podcast episodes which I will leave here for you to check out.

As For Me And My House

Favourite TV Shows:

RuPauls Drag Race

Drag Race came into my life at a time where I needed to escape, to me Makeup is an escape as it is to many drag queens around the world. Upon so many different peoples recommendations I started watching RuPauls Drag Race and fell head over heels in love. I’ve spent entire days watching it with my brother and with Jack or just by myself. In a few months I’ve watched 5.5 seasons out of 11 and I can’t wait to get it all watched.


As a fan of Gossip Girl I started watching Riverdale and we were hooked from the start. We are about half way through the third series and we love it. I find it such an easy watch but with some real and interesting issues addressed in it. It is something that Jack and I have consistently watched together throughout the entire year. It’s just a great show and I love each character for different reasons. My two ultimate faves are Cheryl and Jughead!

Favourite Film:


I don’t watch many films because I just don’t have the attention span for it but Aladdin was just one of them few films I really wanted to go watch in the cinema and I LOVED it. The soundtrack is *chefs kiss* perfect and the whole film was so beautifully and cleverly done. I was not that into the original cartoon Aladdin but this new live action version was amazing and I still listen to the soundtrack of it on the regular.

There are my ultimate favourites of the year for you, I’m so happy I did two posts and was so happy to be able to share what I’ve been loving this year. If you could tell me one or two of your ultimate favourites of the year, what would they be? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon! If you’re enjoying my content then do leave me a comment, like and follow so I can get all of your feedback. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest too which will is down below!

Alex xxx

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