AlexandriaKayWrites in 2020


This is a space where I, Alexandria Kay, writes anything and everything. For myself and for the world. This is where I am proud of myself and my identity. My name is a huge part of who I am and I am not hiding from it. It was given to me with pride and faith and I will wear it with such. Here there are no limits. Here I can find myself and also lose myself. I write my story, I write others stories and I also write less groundbreaking things too. I write about my passions, my hobbies and my everyday life. I write about my struggles and my loves. Writing is an art and also a gift I was given to love. I have used them to give homage to loved ones in life and in death. I have used them to give inspiration and comfort to people around me. I have used it to hurt and for that I’m sorry. Right here and right now I am using it to help me heal and to connect with other people. So come on words, don’t fail me now.

The schedule of my blog will be as follows:

Every Monday there will be a beauty related post, this is part of a series known as #MakeUpMondays on my blog. That will be continuing in 2020. As part of this series, every other Monday I will be doing a post on the makeup bag I will be using in them two weeks. I am wanting to get use of my makeup collection properly and effectively so I will be doing a shop my stash style bag for the two weeks to make sure I can focus on the products I love in my collection.

Every Thursday there will be non beauty content, this could be lifestyle, education, mental health or a topic/subject I want to write about. I will also be posting a diary entry style post every month on a Thursday, that could be about the month, a theme in the month or just a post on a thought I had.

On the last Friday of the month I will be posting my monthly favourites, this will be a bonus post for the week and it will include beauty and lifestyle within it.

I know that these aren’t massive changes but I don’t want them to be, I don’t want to change who I am online but I want to curate myself and my content in the best way I can. I want to be authentic and also create content I am proud of, I want my digital footprint to be one which I would want to associate myself with. So I hope you’re excited for what’s to come and I would appreciate all and any feedback you have got.

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon! If you’re enjoying my content then do leave me a comment, like and follow so I can get all of your feedback. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest too which will is down below!

Alex xxx

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