Brands I Want To Support in 2020

Everyday I come across small businesses and brands which are creating incredible products and are trying to make an impact. Today I wanted to share some amazing brands and businesses I want to support and share with you all to support too.

First off I have The Pink and Red, I found this business on Instagram. The Pink and Red is a company based in Scotland and they are ran by a lovely Leo lady called Amy. The Pink and Red sell loads of cool products including pots which are based on boobs of all colours, size and shape. These boob pots come in ready made designs or you can buy custom pots where you describe or send a picture of boobs you want made which is so cool. They also make beautiful prints, really cool slogan tees, totes and earrings which are unique and so awesome.

The second company I want to share with you guys is the Big Green Bookshop! This bookshop is one which I found on twitter and I adore them so much. It is ran by a man called Simon who lives in Brighton and he runs his store online instead of from a store. He is really active on Twitter and he runs some really cool campaigns and projects which I love seeing and supporting. Their longest running campaign is called #buyastrangerabook. This campaign allows people to offer to buy somebody a book and they can donate money towards the campaign which is so amazing. So Simon will take to Twitter once a week and announce that it’s buy a stranger a book day and people will offer to buy books for strangers. Once somebody bought my dad a book for his hospital bag which just shows some true human kindness and it’s also helping people be able to access books. On their website there is a button where you can donate £10 to the ‘pot’ and Simon can offer to give out some free books to people based on how much has been donated.

A recent campaign is one with Melissa Harrison where they are trying to donate copies of Greta Thunberg’s book of speeches to schools around the UK to try to raise awareness of climate change. Penguin books said that they would match however many copies The Big Green Bookshop could donate to schools which is so amazing. At the time I am writing this post the crowd funder is at £11,400 and Penguin said they will double that so they will be raising £22,800 to buy copies of Greta’s books for schools.

I also think it’s amazing to support a small business of a man who is trying to provide a great life for his family. That is why I want to try to buy more books from the smaller independent bookshops instead of larger stores so that I can support a genuine person and not just put more pennies into a millionaires pocket.

The third small business I want to support is Indigo Rosee Beauty which is set up by a lovely young blogger called Tori who is from the UK and has created her own brand. It is a brand that sells really lovely looking lashes and it is so clear she puts so much love and hard work into her brand. It is so amazing that a woman younger than 20 has her own brand whilst she’s at uni, so I want to share her brand on here for more people to check out!

I am a regular Etsy customer and I LOVE buying one of a kind presents for my loved ones and one of the most unique and amazing shops I’ve found is the Literary Emporium. This store is based in England and sells products linked to books and literary, which is a real passion of mine. It has t shirts, mugs, bags, badges and jewellery which can be almost merchandise to books and reading. So in 2020 I want to treat myself to something from this store and also buy my book loving friends and family members something as presents.

They have gift sets, book marks, notebooks, prints and postcards so they cover all bases and just have amazing products I want to wear and own!!

The final brand I would love to support in 2020 is the makeup brand Peaches and Cream. This brand is one I found via Instagram and from my favourite makeup artists and it’s one that I love. Peaches was founded in Liverpool (a city that has my heart) and is based in a salon there. They sell mainly pigments and glitters, lipglosses, brushes and lip liners which are amazing and different products. They are just so cool and different, as well as a small independent brand. I have bought three pigments and four brushes from them and adore them all, which I love and I would absolutely love to keep supporting them this year. I always have a tab on my phone filled up with their products and their pick n mix bundles they have.

There are 5 brands I want to support in 2020 and I would love it if you could share some you want to support and check out the ones I’ve shared. I love people following their dreams and creating brands and I want to support the ones that massively speak to me.

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. If you’ve enjoyed my recent content then please leave me a like, comment and follow so I know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which are all left down below.

Alex xxx


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