5 Beauty Brands I Support.

Throughout 2019 I have witnessed the rise and falls of different brands and their images, and so I have also witnessed the talks of the beauty influencers on these rises and falls. So I decided I wanted to comment on this side of the beauty industry and share which brands I support and why. I personally believe that when you vote with your money, so if you give your money to a company for a product or service then you are voting for them. But if you don’t believe in their morals or ethics, then you can decide to not vote for them with your money, this makes you as a consumer pretty powerful and this more ethical approach to consumerism helps better brands and hopefully impacts less ethical brands to help them change. So with that said, here are five beauty brands I support.


The first brand I support is Colourpop, they are an America based brand who have their own in-house lab, and are an affordable and accessible brand. Colourpop are a cruelty free brand which ship worldwide from L.A and they offer everything at such affordable prices. To me this brand is one which want bring beauty products to anybody and everybody, so they have amazing shipping options worldwide, great products, affordable prices and everything is in house so the turn around can be so quick. The only qualm I do have with them is that they churn out so many products which I find wasteful but that is their business model and hopefully they can tone it down when they realise they will still do amazingly with less launches.

Colourpop was formed by Seed Beauty in 2014, and pride themselves in being affordable, cruelty free and accessible. They are able to keep up with trends and wants from their customers by keeping everything online and having everything in house. In the 6 years it’s been open they have also added Fourth Ray Beauty (their skincare sister company) and Sol Body (their body care sister company) to their repertoire and their website.


Glossier is a brand whose products are for enhancing natural features and have a very specific branding and demographic. They’re much more natural, glowing and cream based cosmetics products. With very simple packaging and incredible products, Glossier have my heart. Glossier was founded in 2014 and it came from a beauty website made up by beauty addicts, as they believe that beauty shouldn’t be built in a board room. It was created by the people who were their perfect consumer and they are very in touch customer feedback by saying that they create the products the consumer tell them they wish existed.

*cue to me tweeting Glossier for the 28373rd time about creating a Stretch Foundation*

This is a very consumer based business model which is amazing, and I’ve always heard great things about glossier products as a whole. They have makeup, skincare and also bundles which help you save money when you initially want to try them.

Peaches and Cream

I was first introduced to Peaches and Cream by AnnieCherryMakeup on Instagram (go and check her out) and I love them so much. They have over 50 shades of pigments, makeup brushes, lip glosses, lip liners, and lashes at such an affordable price. They also offer some amazing bundle deals, for example you can get 4 of their brushes for £15 or 3 sets of lashes for £10 or 6 pigments for £25. They’re so affordable but the products are amazing and are used by so many makeup artists and consumers alike.

Peaches are a company based in Liverpool at a salon and have built themselves an amazing business which is massive on Instagram. They’re really active on their socials and share so many different looks that can be achieved with their products. All products are cruelty free which is awesome and if you buy from them you’re also supporting a small business. I love their products and I love how they break the limits when it comes to creativity.

If you want to read more about them I talked about them in my brands I Want To Support in 2020 post.


Last year I posted my why I want to support Fenty Beauty post and it was such a hit, it was one of my most viewed post on my blog. So if you want to read more on my views and Fenty beauty’s history then check that post out. Fenty is a brand that I support because of the inclusion from the start as well as the innovative launches they come out with. Their foundation launch started off with 50 shades and they have also since 2017 added more shades to it, this was such a huge thing as they started off with a huge inclusive range instead of just building up to one. They also create such amazing and creative products that they deserve the support they get.

Revolution Beauty

Revolution Beauty has multiple different brands within it and is most famously known for the brand Makeup Revolution. Makeup Revolution are a drugstore brand which started off by wanting to bring high end concepts and quality to the drugstore and at affordable prices. Now this has got them into some moral trouble as they did a lot of product duping (if you want to read more about this here is my What do we think about dupes post). However I think that they’re becoming much more established in their own rights, products and formulas that this isn’t as much of an issue anymore. Makeup revolution was founded in 2014 with the idea of bringing inclusivity and affordability to the make up market but also to bring good quality to the more affordable products. They really paved their way in the UK drugstore world by ‘competing’ with the likes of Revlon and Maybelline for prices but standing alone in their ranges, types of products and how quickly they could innovate.

They as a brand work with and support content creators of all nationality’s and platform size, which is amazing within itself. They have a whole range of influencer collabs which gives them creators recognition for their hard work and supports them, as well as forming strong relationships between brand and content creators and their audience.

I support them because they’re affordable, they create great formulas, have diverse shade ranges, support influencers and are always working to change the game for the better. I think they’re consistent and have been pretty non-problematic throughout the years.

That is my 5 beauty brands I definitely support and why, do you like this concept?? What brands do you support? Please let me know down below. If you would like a follow up on brands I definitely don’t support then also let me know.

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. If you’ve enjoyed my recent content then please leave me a like, comment and follow so I know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which are all left down below. I hope you have a good day or night wherever you are, and God bless.

Alex xxx


  1. I really love ColourPop, Fenty, and Glossier so I’m excited to see them make this list of brands you want to support this year. All three brands make some really amazing products and all three brands have shaped the community in a major way this last decade.

    Peaches and Cream are new to me, so I’m excited to learn more about them this year.

    Reading your thoughts on Makeup Revolution was so interesting. I have to admit that I never wanted to give the brand a chance because I saw them as a dupe brand (given the way the copied many popular prestige products… even down to packaging and names). However, your perspective on the brand has made reconsider my original thoughts on the brand. I def agree that they work with a diverse range of creators and it is good that they make beauty accessible to so many.


  2. I really like this concept and I would love to know more brand you support or brands which you don’t support!

    I also support Colourpop, Fenty and Glossier. All three brands are awesome and I love their products! I never heard of Peaches and Cream before so I need to check them out.

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