5 Ways To Incorporate Pink Into Your Valentines Day Look.

Happy month of love my dear friends, this February I decided I wanted to share a post on different ways to incorporate pink into your Valentine’s Day look. Pink has been my absolute FAVE colour at the moment and I have been rocking it in so many different ways, and thought I would share that with you today. So if you celebrate Valentines Day and want to add some pink to your look, or even if you just want to rock pink this season then stay tuned.

Using Lipstick..

When it comes to makeup there are easy ways in which to incorporate pink in a very flattering manner, so my first way to incorporate pink into your Valentines Day look is by using a pink lipstick or gloss. There are a few ways you can make this either bold, slightly editorial or natural, so its perfect for everyone. For a bold look you could do a neon or bright pink lip with either bold pink eyes or just a simple eye to make a statement. For a more editorial look you could use your pink lip of choice as the eye colour, your blush and your lip colour, this monochromatic look can really stand out and pop whilst being pretty simple. A tip for using your lip colour as your blush and especially if the colour is pretty bright is to mix it in with a very small amount of concealer to tone down the shade and help the formula blend into your base. This will work for a bullet lipstick, liquid lipstick and gloss so it is applicable to any shade and formula you’d like to use. Then for the eyes just take a small amount of the lipstick on the back of your hand and work it into a synthetic haired eyeshadow brush and buff it either just in the crease, just on the lid or all over. Then for a more natural look you can just wear a nude pink lipstick on the lips and then whatever you’d like on the eyes.

Using Liner..

Another way in which you can incorporate pink into your look is by creating a pink liner. Coloured liner is something a little bit bolder than say just using colour on your lids but it is quite simple but effective. You could use just shadow as a liner on a primed and set lid, you could do a full eye look and use pink gel liner for it, or you can opt for what I did which is use a pigment and pigment drops to create a paste to create the line with. I personally used the Peaches and Cream Pink Panther pigment and their pigment drops for this, I mixed them together and created a paste to then make out a liner on a concealed and set lid. This is just another way to add pink but also to use my pigments. Graphic liners are everywhere on instagram at the moment so if you think you want to create one for your v day look then go for it! Ill share some cool accounts and looks which I have seen created for you to take some inspiration from.

Using Accessories..

A really simple way in which you can add pink to a look is by using accessories, such as jewellery, scarves, hats, gloves or even your socks depending on the look. I have a very cute baby pink scarf which I will add to an outfit for a date in the winter so that I can be warm but also add some romantic tones. So depending on your style you can add a cute pink bag, a pink ring and then a pink hat to create a cohesive and romantic look. Top tip: if you are not a jewellery or TRUE accessory fan I always find you can add some hair accessories in pink to really make it look cohesive. For example if I’m wearing a pop if pink in my makeup and pop my outfit, I will add a pink headband or scrunchie to my look to make it seem much more cool and put together!

Image is not my own.

Using your hair..

Now this tip is a bit more ‘out there’ for some people but I’ve found it’s been a really cool way to actually jazz up my looks and also add a bit more pink into my life. Two years ago I have much blonder hair and for a good few months I have pink in my hair, so recently I decided I wanted to add darker pink to my hair just to give a bit of a pick me up. So if you were dedicated to that pink themed day and wanted to stand out, then you can definitely dye your hair pink. You can obviously get this done professionally or test it out at home, and there’s many different routes you can take with it. For example you could do a full head, half a head, highlights or just a temporary colour for the night. So be a bit daring and have fun with your look!

Using your outfit..

The simplest of ways for me to add a pop of colour to a look is by having a statement colourful piece in an outfit. That could be your top, jacket, trousers, dress, tights, or shoes but just having that one bright element can add a stark contrast and edgy feel to an outfit. For example, I own a black blazer, a white top and then pink trousers and these oink trousers take the look to a much more fun level. I also own a pink blazer so I could wear it as a full suit or just wear one of them to add the pop of colour. I have ordered some tights from a company I have seen on Instagram and they have bright coloured and patterned tights so if you wanted the pop to be a bit more understated that is definitely an option for you. Just really mix and match, and style an outfit which makes you feel gorgeous and confident regardless your plans.

Image is not my own

These are all just some easy and fun tips on adding a pop of pink to your Valentine’s Day look. I know valentines day can be rough for people so I hope it isn’t too bad for you if its not a great day for you, and I would love for you to just take that time as an excuse to do something for yourself and bring some self love to your Friday. These tips can also be interchangeable for every colour and they are just ways in which I’m having much more fun with fashion on the regular. Beauty and fashion are all about bringing you happiness and confidence, and if dressing up and going out on Valentines Day will do that for you then go for it! I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and if you do try any of these tips out then please tag me on my instagram (@alexandriakaywrites) and twitter (alexkaywritess).

Let me know down below your favourite of these 5 tips and also your plans for Valentines!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. If you’ve enjoyed my recent content then please leave me a like, comment and follow so I know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which are all left down below. I hope you have a good day or night wherever you are, and God bless.

Alex xxx


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