A Time For Everything (Devotional)

A few months ago I was introduced to a verse of the bible which just touched me so deeply, it is something that speaks to me and my recent struggles. This is Ecclesiastes 3:1-12, so read it once, twice, and then a third time and then let’s dissect it together.

I was sat on the bathroom floor at 3am crying, crying out in anger and in pain. I just wanted this to be over. I wanted this time of sadness and grief to be done. In that moment I was reminded of this verse, I was reminded of the fact that there is a time for EVERYTHING. There is a time and a space for my sadness and anger, this season of my life was meant to happen. Not because the Lord wanted me to be sad, but because He wanted me to learn these lessons and gain this strength. There is a time for my low points, but equally there is time for my regrowth. The verse says “a time to tear down, and a time to build” and that just shows me that there is a time for me to be sad and a time to really build on myself.

Any emotions you have there are times for, okay? You are allowed to be sad, be happy, be excited, be nervous, be scared or be carefree. There is a time for it, but also there is a time for closure with it. There is a season for everything, but it is just that; a season. Only a season. The season will come to an end. So if you’re sad, remember that there is a time for it but also an end for it. Know that you’re meant to weather this storm and be resilient through this horrible time in your life. You can take yourself through this season and you can learn from everything, just know that each season will help you build your relationship with the Lord and that it will get you one step closer to whatever He has in store with you.

Something that I always take away from this verse is that sometimes now is not the time for you to do or have something, the verse uses the term “scatter stones” and you could apply that to so many things. In your life there will be times when you have give up something and have to let go and scatter it. But know that there will be a time where you can gather them stones up and they are for you. Gods timing is such a delicate and unpredictable thing, there could be something you want more than anything but you might have to give it up or might lose it. Just know that that is not your time for it, it is not the time for you to have that or feel it. But know that soon enough the reason will show up, you will find what you truly need NOT what you want.

One thing that I find quite interesting in this verse is the parts that say “a time to love and a time to hate. A time for war and a time for peace”, sometimes it can be seen as such a bad thing to not be happy and positive 24/7. Sometimes you can be or feel shamed for being negative and feeling like you need to hate or fight. So the fact that it says it here in the verse is so interesting to me. It shows that you can have them negative feelings and that there is time for it, there is time for your feelings. They are worthy and they are justified. Sometimes your battles and fights for whatever you feel is right is necessary. Sometimes you standing up against the majority for your beliefs is justified. So know that there is a time and a place for them.

I was introduced to this verse by Kirby from Kirby Is A Boss on YouTube or Kirby Minnick from the Bought and Beloved podcast, she actually personally messaged me and reminded me of this verse. She told me that there is a time to mourn and eventually there will be a time to dance. In that time of mourning I must work on building my relationship with God and hand over my pain and hurt to him. I needed to turn to him and tell him how much I’m hurting. I’m allowed to shout and cry. I’m allowed to tell him I’m angry this happened. It’s okay to feel betrayed and disappointed. I could use that time to feel and then to act. This stuck with me so deeply, it helped me to find my faith again. With allowing me to access these feelings and use them as a talking point with the Lord, I could rebuild my relationship with him and myself. I was able to embrace him again and to search for myself once more. Soon enough will be my time to dance. Soon, yours will come too.

The fact that there is a given slot of time for everything under the heavens helps us be able to rejoice in it, and truly appreciate it. It makes me aware of the fact that this will begin but it will also end, I will never be stuck in one place and I will be evolving seasonly. I will always be growing and adapting and changing, which is amazing. It helps me see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel but also allows me to feel less scared of change. If this is meant to happen for me to ultimately reach my goal in life, then bring it on. Let’s take this new season with excitement. Let’s grow and regrow together in the light of the Lord.


That is my first devotional, I’ve been wanting to do more faith related content for this blog but I didn’t really know where to start. After reading many daily devotional I thought I would write one of my own on a verse which seems to pop up into my life on the regular. So even if you are not of the Christian faith, I hope that this post will hold a strong message regardless and help you with your personal journey. Please let me know your thoughts on this devotional and please keep it respectful.

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Alex xxx