Makeup Techniques and Trends I’m Carrying Into 2020 and What I Think Will Stick Around.

I spent most of 2019 really testing and experimenting with makeup and techniques to make me feel my best, physically and creatively. Some of the techniques I love and will be taking into 2020 and others I’ll be leaving behind as the ghost of makeups past. Today I want to share some techniques that I want to continue to try to perfect in the future.

Less structured eye looks

Image not my own

In 2018 I got into the whole Instaglam type of makeup and if I’m well and truly honest it just wasn’t for me. They didn’t really suit my face and also just weren’t flattering for me, so in 2019 I started to change it. I did less structured eye looks and looked more into what suited my eye shape and my hooded eyes. So in 2020 I’m definitely going to be carrying on the more blown out and blended eye looks which are much more flattering on my hooded eyes.

I also think this is becoming more of a trend in 2020, there are quite a few influencers who do more blown out and less structured eye looks which makes me so happy. I like seeing more looks like the ones that suit my eyes as it gives me more inspiration.

Glass skin

Glass skin is something that is huge in Korean beauty, and has highly influenced western beauty trends. This has become a huge market brands are filling up recently and it’ll be something I’ll be taking into 2020. The amount of lower coverage and more glowy products in the market right now is amazing, and I love how much it’s shifting. Brands like glossier have been releasing low coverage skin products and also dewy mixers for skincare and makeup and this is becoming a bigger trend. I love not adding powder to my face, using cream products and also using really hydrating skincare. Glass skin is my ultimate favourite trend which I hope never dies.

Faux freckles

Image not my own

This technique is one which was massively influenced by the likes of AnnieCherryMakeup and KeilidhMUA, but I’ve been LOVING faux freckles. So much so that Megan bought me the Lottie London Freckle Tint for Christmas. This is a technique I’ll definitely be taking into 2020 and will be in full force in spring and summer because that’s when naturally you get freckles. I love adding them underneath my lower coverage foundations so they’re visible but much more natural. However I do also love having them on top as well, it’s just preference for the look. It’s a massive trend and I can imagine it’ll be magnified in the warmer months too.

Glossy blush technique

A technique which I have been using and loving in 2019 and I’ll definitely be taking this into 2020. I love cream products, I love looking dewy and having gorgeous creamy textures on my skin because it looks natural and true to texture. Cream and liquid textures are getting much more popular especially in the influencer world and so I can see it becoming a bigger trend in 2020. The technique which I do to give myself that glossy blush look with my glass skin is by adding a cream or even a powder blush to my skin and then pat on some lipgloss on top of it. This adds a cream texture and can almost melt the blush into the skin. I also do this on top of powder highlights so that they look much more natural and don’t sit on top of the skin.

Image is not my own

Monochromatic looks

Image is not my own

This is a massive trend already only a month into 2020 but monochromatic looks are something I’ll be taking into 2020. Monochromatic eye looks are huge at the moment on Instagram and rightly so. They’re so gorgeous and so easy to do, and they work so well with a lot of other techniques. This is a great way to incorporate colours into your looks but without any crazy complicated techniques. I am also going to be taking FULL monochromatic looks into 2020, I like matching my eyes to my blush/highlight and lip colour. It looks either editorial or really put together because everything matches so it looks like you’ve put a lot more effort in than you have.

Image is not my own

These are the trends and techniques I’m going to be taking into 2020, these are the ones that fit my style of makeup best so they’re ones I will regularly use.

Here’s a list of other trends I think will be massive in 2020:

Graphic Liners

Image is not my own

Graphic liners are EVERYWHERE on Instagram at the moment and I can image this creativity will continue throughout the rest of 2020

Image is not my own

Coloured mascara

Image is not my own

Some artists are using coloured mascaras to add colour and effect to their looks. This something that is easy to do and I can see this being especially big in the summer. I think it adds a nice bit of editorial makeup to everyday makeup.

Image not my own

Image is not my own

Pink makeup

Image is not my own

Image is not my own

I think pink is going to be a big colour of 2020, I’m obsessing over it and I have seen so many palettes release of the pink colour scheme and so many looks using pink. I really think pink in eyes, lips and face will be a big trend all seasons of 2020 and I’m all for it!

Image is not my own

Image is not my own

What techniques or trends are you going to be carrying on through into 2020? Is there any you are going to be discontinuing? Please let me know below!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. If you’ve enjoyed my recent content then please leave me a like, comment and follow so I know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which are all left down below. I hope you have a good day or night wherever you are, and God bless.

Alex xxx


  1. I totally agree with you on all the trends you picked out – especially the glassy looking skin and less structured eye makeup… both of which I’m 100% here for since my skin tends to look glassy naturally (lol #oilyskinprobs) and I prefer a smoked out/less structured look lol. Also, pls teach me your ways with that gold graphic liner you did!!! Stunning, as always!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad there’s some trends that you’re loving at the minute because sometimes it can be quite discouraging to see trends you don’t want to participate in and then it take the fun out of makeup. Yes glass skin is my favourite! If you want a tutorial on it check out @katiejanehughes on Instagram and it’s on her highlights under hooded eye liner. I’m gonna do one too but in the mean time you can see it on there!


  2. I’m obsessed with the monochromatic looks as well as pastel eyeshadow! I love the glassy skin trend and graphic liner too. I still need to play around with these trends though, because I normally tend to go for an easy natural brownish eye look lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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