Winter Fashion Haul featuring ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, Simply Be and more.

In the past few months I have been much more interested in fashion as a person and as a blogger. It’s something which I want to use to make myself feel good and also as a creative outlet. I am a very bright person and love to express that through wearing bright colours on my eyes and now my clothing too. I asked on Instagram the other day ( if you haven’t followed my Instagram yet then go and check it out here) if you wanted to see a bit of a collective fashion haul from the past few months from me on here and on my IGTV and quite a few people were interested!

So I have made a few orders on ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, Simply Be as well as picking things up from Dorothy Perkins and Tu Clothing. So I’ve got a few nice things to show you.

From ASOS I bought:

ASOS DESIGN Curve Ultimate Top with Long Sleeve and V-Neck in Grey.

I have this top already in white and have loved it dearly, so when I saw it in grey I knew I wanted it to use as a more basic piece with my statement clothing. It is stretchy and soft, and it allows to show off shape and curves.

Here’s the top in white:

Collusion Plus x001 Skinny Jeans in Black

I needed some new black jeans and haven’t tried anything from the Collusion brand so I thought I would check them out. They come in either 30″ or 32″ length for the legs and they’re really soft and comfortable. They work with all types of tops and can be worn in a more smart or more casual way. I think black jeans are just a staple in my wardrobe and these were so affordable on ASOS. My only gripe with these trousers is the fact that they collect fibres on them so easily and they seem to stick so much to them so if you’re around any animals or have any clothing that might malt then be careful.

Daisy Street at ASOS Plus T-Shirt with Sunshine Print

I love yellow. Fact. It is my favourite colour and I love to wear it on my eyes or within my clothing. So when I saw this on ASOS I knew I needed it. I love wearing it with black jeans and my denim jacket and it’s such a staple outfit with a bright pop of colour. I will be wearing this t shirt SO much in the spring which I cannot wait for! It is a really comfortable fit and material, so I really recommend it if you like the design.

COLLUSION Plus Exclusive Roll Neck Top in Purple

This top was my introduction to roll neck/ turtle neck tops and I love it. I find it to be really flattering on my body type and I love the colour so much. This is much less of a stretchy top but it is really comfortable and works well as part of a suit, with jeans or with a skirt. It also adds a nice pop of colour to a look.

Pretty Little Thing at ASOS Plus High Waist Peg Trousers with Contrast Zip in Black Pinstripe

I have been on the hunt for the perfect comfy smarter trousers to wear and I’ve been LOVING these. They’re so comfy and roomy but they look different and cool. They’ll be good for college/uni because they look nicer than jeans but they’re comfy enough for wearing out all day. I wear them with t shirts or with my blazer and feel great in them. They’re quite a thin material though so I don’t feel as cinched in as I would in other smarter trousers but they’re really comfy.

From Simply Be I bought:

Tapered Soft Crepe Jersey Trouser in Black

These are the COMFIEST trousers I own EVER. I bought these during my long search for comfy but more ‘smart’ trousers that aren’t jeans and I’m in love with them. They also come in red and saffron so I might grab myself them too👀. I am in love with AbisBlog or now known as MidSizeGal on Instagram (go and check her out!!) and she is always talking about outer wear that is like chill wear. So anything comfy but also slightly stylish. So I was looking for a very similar vibe and came across these.

Green Leopard Print Pinafore Dress

I had seen adverts for this dress all over facebook and instagram for a few months and when I bought my suit I added this dress to my cart and I cant wait to wear it more in spring. Now yes green leopard print doesn’t sound amazing but the colour is beautiful and the pattern isn’t as obvious and obnoxious as it sounds. I have worn it with my mustard top and will wear it with more neutral and plain tops too.

Pink Turn Up Tapered Trousers

In my search for the perfect comfy smart trousers I found these beauties, they’re soft raspberry pink soft trousers. They’re there statement piece of any outfit and will go with tops or shirts of most colours. I’m actually going to buy the blazer to wear it as a full suit because it is a gorgeous colour and I want to have more statement pieces in my wardrobe.

Mix and Match Black Edge to Edge Blazer

As mentioned in my February Favourites post I bought this blazer because of Abi from MidSizeGal and Shelby from Neutral Tiger on Instagram, and I have been LOVING it. I have worn it to my uni interview, on a night out and on date night, and it is such a versatile and staple piece in my wardrobe. I has small pockets which can be kept closed or cut open, I like how affordable and accessible these suits are.

From Tu Clothing I bought:

Mustard Soft Touch Turtle Neck Top

This top is one that I have been wearing so much in the past month of having it, it is a long sleeved soft comfy top in a gorgeous mustard colour which just adds a bit of spring to every outfit. I have been wearing it with my jeans, with my suit and with midi skirts, so it works well with everything in my wardrobe.

From Dorothy Perkins I bought:

Charity Pink Sweatshirt

I have been on a proper pink hype at the moment, if you want to see to what extent this obsession has come to you can read my 5 Ways To Incorporate Pink Into Your Valentines Day Look post. So when I was browsing through my local Dorothy Perkins sales rack I found this soft pink sweatshirt which I loved. It was only £10 and is brushed inside so it is soft, pink and fashionable.

These are the items of clothing I’ve been buying throughout the winter season and my thoughts on them. If you want to see how I style or wear these different pieces definitely check out my Instagram where you can see more outfit pictures from me.

What have you recently bought and been loving? Let me know down below!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. If you’ve enjoyed my recent content then please leave me a like, comment and follow so I know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which are all left down below. I hope you have a good day or night wherever you are, and God bless.

Alex xxx

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