My February Favourites

Welcome to my February favourites, we are powering through the winter months and coming up to spring. The daffodils and snow drops are starting to come up and I cannot wait for the warmer months. I hope your February was great but if not I hope your March is much better for you. Here are the things I’ve been LOVING in the month of February.


Peaches and Cream Brushes

My February beauty purchase was an order from Peaches and Cream Makeup in their winter sale (which is sadly over now sorry guys), I ordered 6 brushes, a pigment, a pigment drop, lashes and an eyeshadow primer. If you follow me on Instagram ( my instagram is @alexandriakaywrites so follow if you haven’t already) I did a long Instagram story showing my haul and you will have seen what I bought. So my favourites are the PC19 Buffer brush, PC37 Tapered Crease brush and the PC29 Dense Highlighting brush.

The PC19 is the best foundation brush I have used in a long time, it is soft and gives a very similar airbrushed effect to a beauty sponge but in a much more hygienic way. It is a brush which makes foundation a quick and easy step because you can either pat the product on or sweep/buff it over the skin.

The PC37 is a tapered crease eyeshadow brush and it is such a staple. I have been doing much more blown out and less structured eye looks right now, as mentioned in my Makeup Techniques and Trends I’m Carrying Into 2020 post, and this brush is perfect for that. It’s amazing because I can use it for pretty much every step and it blends matte shadows out in a really perfect way. I love it especially because I have smaller and hooded eyes so it isn’t too big that it’ll make me lose control of shadow and placement but it also isn’t too small that it doesn’t actually blend effectively.

The PC29 is advertised as a dense highlighter brush and is perfect for cream or even powder highlight, however I have been using it for pretty much every step in my base makeup routine. I use it for my Glossier Futuredew Primer, for concealer, for the Colourpop Supershock Cheek highlights, my Peaches and Cream Cream Contour and also for my Colourpop Blush Stix. So it is so useful for me and it works PERFECTLY for all steps. So when I was travelling at that end of February I literally just took these three favourite peaches brushes to apply my ENTIRE face and it was flawless.

The Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Original Priner and The Ordinary Serum Foundation

This base combination came into my life via my Bi-monthly makeup bag series which I have done on Instagram, and I was so happy it did. I chose the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Instant Retouch Primer because I hadn’t used it in a few months and The Ordinary Serum Foundations because they don’t have a lot of products left in them so I wanted to try to use them up.

The primer smooths out my pores which helps the lower coverage foundation and natural skin effect that I love. It makes it much more flattering and gives me a perfect base to add makeup to. The foundation is lightweight and thin so it helps me get that natural coverage and skin texture that I always want. If you want to see how this combination looks and performs then you can check out my IGTV over on my Instagram because I have a video on there of me applying it.

Peaches and Cream Cream Contour

This product was one which i had seen on Instagram quite a lot before I bit the bullet and bought it, and I am so happy I did. This cream contour is such a gorgeous colour as it is quite neutral and can build up beautifully, I personally use it as a bronzer more than a contour because it comes across slightly warmer on my skin due to my undertone. It has a long lasting, creamy formula which is perfect for my skin and I just LOVE an affordable great cream product.. I mean it is only £6.50 and it is supporting a small business which I love.


Simply Be Suit

I have been loving the idea of playing with fashion recently and I have been taking a lot of inspiration from Abi from MidSizeGal and Shelby from Neutral Tiger on instagram. They have been wearing some really cool looking suits and more smart wear, which is something I have been wanting to dabble in. So I checked out the ones that Shelby was wearing and they were pretty affordable and easy to access on Simply Be. I bought the Black Edge To Edge Fashion Blazer, and I have been loving it. I have worn it with my suit trousers, with jeans and with dresses too which I love. I really think a blazer is a staple piece in anybody’s wardrobe. So if you have any recommendations for blazers that are pretty affordable and comfortable then let me know down below.

Mustard Soft Touch Long Sleeved Turtle Neck Top

In the recent Sainsbury’s sale I bought myself this top for only £4.25 and I have worn it SO much I’ve already got my monies worth from it. I have worn it with my jeans, smart trousers, pinafore dress and a midi skirt. I love more fitted but soft touch/stretchy so it feels like cosy wear. It might still be in stores as I’m writing this so definitely check your local Sainsbury’s for it.


Exercise Classes

In February I have been experimenting with different styles of working out and I’ve been really enjoying it. I’ve done a few Clubbercise classes and also tried out Body Balance and Spinning. Theyre were both really good work outs and I can imagine that I will keep incorporating these classes into my work outs over the coming months. So these were definitely a big lifestyle favourite!


When my mental health is in a good place I enjoy doing things like cooking much much more, and February has been a pretty good mental health month for me. I’ve tried out multiple different recipes which I’ve loved and I’ve really enjoyed working out what will taste lovely and also fuel my body properly.


Educated by Tara Westover

I originally found out about this book from Hannah Witton’s channel and I was so interested in it just from the review that I added it straight to my 10 Books I Want To Read In 2020 list. I listened to this on my BorrowBox app and I knew this would be one of the books that needs to be listened to rather than just read, it added a different impact to it. I loved listening to it everyday when I was walking the dog in February and I loved falling asleep listening to it.


Robert Welsh

I have spent most of February binge watching Robert Welsh on YouTube. He is a makeup artist from London and he does a lot of “Pro MUA reacts” videos which I love watching and also posts a lot of educational makeup videos that I love to learn from. I love learning in general and learning about makeup is so fun to me. He is so interesting to watch and he is so upfront about everything, which I find so refreshing. So definitely check him out!

Harry Styles

I have been listening to Harry Styles so much on Spotify especially when I’ve been out and about. I LOVE the Fine Line album and have been listening to it so much on repeat. He has such a beautiful voice and the lyrics are just amazing for all of the songs. This album has just been playing so much on repeat so much that I had to shout it out!

That is my February favourites my friends, please tell me in the comments below what you were LOVING in the month of February!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. If you’ve enjoyed my recent content then please leave me a like, comment and follow so I know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which are all left down below. I hope you have a good day or night wherever you are, and God bless.

Alex xxx

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  1. Girl, can you teach me how to be such a well-rounded and stylish human?? lol – I’ve been living in workout clothing and sweatshirts…. but still full glam makeup LOL. Also that Super Dew from Glossier is tempting me so so much…… the Peaches Cream Contour looks fab, too.

    Also, so exciting that you’ve been trying new recipes and exercise classes. Have you ever tried a barre class before? It is my FAVE type of workout b/c its almost like a more intense yoga class.


    1. Aw L I’m not as well rounded and stylish as I may appear but thank you🙈 The future dew is probably the BEST product glossier have created expect for the stretch concealer! It is, I LOVE cream anything to do with makeup. No I haven’t, I’ll have to look out for barre!


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