International Women’s Day 2020: Each for Equal.

Every year on 8th March we celebrate International Women’s Day. Every year I try to create content on this day because it is something really important to me. It is one day of the year where we can unite and celebrate the fact that we are women. It’s a day where we can look how far we have come and how far we are yet willing to fight. We can stand in solidarity with each other and almost take on the everyday sexism and the issues which effect us as women on the regular. It is a day of gratitude, attitude and celebrations for all of the amazing women of the past present and future.

#IWD2020 #EachForEqual

Every year International Women’s Day has a theme, and this years theme is #EachForEqual and this is running ALL YEAR ROUND and not just on IWD which I love. #EachForEqual aims to use the year 2020 not to just raise awareness of gender inequality (we’re all aware) but to call people to action. The founders behind #EachForEqual believe that there is a shared responsibility when it comes to inequality, we all could be taking action everyday to work towards gender equality and that is why this campaign is running through the whole year and not just one day. Rome wasn’t built in one day and so gender equality also can’t be created in one day.

“#EachForEqual is a collective action and shared responsibility”

The #EachForEqual stance is a pose which shows the “collective individualism” of the Gender Equality movement and IWD2020

Now let’s get back down to basics so that we’re all in the same page with this.

What is gender inequality?”

Gender equality is “Legal, social and cultural situation in which sex and/or gender determine different rights and dignity for women and men, which are reflected in their unequal access to or enjoyment of rights, as well as the assumption of stereotyped social and cultural roles. In shorter terms, gender inequality is the gap between the genders in regards to legal, social, cultural and financial circumstances.

“Why is gender inequality an issue?”

In today’s society all around the world there is a general social and cultural consensus that men are higher up in the hierarchy than women. This issue is so deeply imbedded in the legal system, in societal views, in finances and also in many cultural situations. These issues mean that women often end up being mistreated because there isn’t equality in the same situations for the different sexes/gender. This means that women are often paid less, are more likely to be discriminated against, get treated differently and are less likely to gain successes such as promotions than men due to the subconscious and predetermined hierarchy which is instilled in society. This leads to many disadvantages due to the fact that somebody was born with two X chromosomes instead of an X and a Y.

“What can we do to change this?”

This is where the #EachForEqual campaign comes in, everyday we are faced with choices of whether we add to the gender equality or work towards deconstructing it out of society. We can actively choose to fight everyday sexism or bias which is put on women in society, for example you can either correct somebody’s sexist comment or just let it slide. We can either actively support a woman to promote the idea of gender equality or we can keep our head down. Doing things such as advocating for flexible working for working mothers in the work place, sticking up for a women when she is degraded by male peers and also petition for equal pay between men and women. The easiest way to do this is by celebrating the women who are making big moves but are overlooked due to the fact that they are female, so you could talk them up to your boss, support their small business or recommend a woman in the business to a colleague.

We actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perspectives, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements”

Gender inequality disables success and opportunities for women, this means that they will have to work twice as hard just to get half of the gratification. This is why stereotypes and discrimination is such an impactful thing, if women weren’t subjected to prejudice we would be able to be respected more which will aid in being able to achieve.

However things aren’t all doom and gloom, being a woman is fucking awesome. There are many positives of being a woman but being a woman in this society is difficult. Women get declined for jobs because they *might* get pregnant, but a man of the same age and potential fertility will be given it because it doesn’t matter if they might become a father. Women get paid less than a man for the same job for no reason whatsoever. Women are getting overlooked in so many fields because the men feel like they have to dominate that sector. An example of this is in the directing field, at the Oscars out of the 5 nominations not a single woman was nominated. Now this is always argued that “it’s not equality to choose a woman just for the sake of it, they clearly just weren’t as talented or there just wasn’t any women directors that could’ve won the award”. Bullshit. There are plenty of female directors that could’ve been nominated and that are just as talented. There are plenty of female directors period. The female directors are just overlooked as they aren’t seen as equal so they don’t get ANY recognition for all their hard work. This is just a microcosm of every field and every sector.

Women are subjected to discrimination and prejudice every single day, they are criticised for every single little thing in all forms of media, they are called hypocrites and subject to hypocrisy, and they just have to deal with a lot of issues men never will have to be. That is why #EachForEqual exists and is using 2020 to fight against gender equality, it’s not about making women ‘better’ than men but to get rid of the issues which men will never have to face and make both men and women equal.

An equal world is an enabled world”

So together let’s make a plan of how we will spend this year to work on making gender equality closer to reality than just a movement. Let’s make active choices EVERY SINGLE DAY to get closer to our goal. Let’s fight against discrimination, prejudice, bias and abuse so that we can be treated equally. Let’s completely eliminate the space for sexist and misogynistic behaviours in our lives and in the lives of the women around us. Let’s unite together in solidarity and let’s work to improve all of our lives together.

Tell me down below 3 things you’re going to do in 2020 to help close up the gap in gender equality and how you’re gonna improve the life of the women around you to give them the opportunity to shine. Let’s use this year to make a change, everyday is a new chance to make changes and good choices.

Happy international women’s day everybody, I hope you are celebrated and celebrate the amazing women in your life. Have a great day and stay safe out there.

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. If you’ve enjoyed my recent content then please leave me a like, comment and follow so I know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which are all left down below. I hope you have a good day or night wherever you are, and God bless.

Alex xxx


  1. yess girl – LOVING this post and this year’s IWD theme. Gender Inequality is an issue even though so many people try to discredit this argument due to their own ingrained biases (without valid facts).

    This year, I’m going to continue supporting the ladies who inspire me and I’m not going to back down just to stroke someone’s ego. I’m going to remain my own confident, assertive self.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amazing! I’m glad you liked it my love, it was one of my favourite posts to write! It really is, and I think people don’t want to think about the issue so they discredit it. I’m so glad you’ve got a plan of action and it sounds like such an amazing one. Don’t let anybody intimidate you girl!


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