5 Women Who Inspire Me #EachForEqual

International Women’s Day is always a super important day of the year for me, and I always try to celebrate it every year. For IWD2020 I want to celebrate and share 5 women who inspire me on the regular, all of these women are people I’ve found over social media and they are people who inspire me in multiple different ways.

Sarah from The Birds Papaya

Sarah from the Birds Papaya is mostly an Instagram influencer but she also does key notes and talks all around the world and an amazing podcast. She is a body and self confidence advocate who talks about issues such as eating disorders, diet culture, mental health and the highs and lows of everyday life. She shares images and stories on her body to inspire others to not feel self conscious in your skin and just to live your life. She battles with the stigma of women’s bodies being ‘different’ to what society ‘want’ to see as well as advocating for women to love their bodies especially post-partum bodies which are even more stigmatised. She has such an amazing way with words and her honesty on motherhood, family, body confidence, self esteem and societies views really inspire me. She not only bares her physical insecurities, she talks about her struggles with internal conflict of anxiety, people pleasing and imposter syndrome. Seeing this on my instagram feed everyday helps me assess my mindset and inspires me to work on my internal struggles. The thing that inspires me the most is the fact that she takes the hate and negative comments she gets and ccreates content in spite of it and because of it. So when somebody says something negative about her stretch marks for example she will post more about them and talk about why people think negatively about that and why that should be changed. She tackles her hate head on and shows people that they shouldn’t be ashamed of the things she is criticised about.

Hannah Witton

Hannah is a Youtuber who creates educational content mostly about sex, relationships, organisation and literature. She has written two books which educate people on sex and relationships, puberty and menstruation. Hannah inspires me because she creates content which is so different to the YouTube ‘norm’ and even though it gets demonetised she keeps posting it because it’s her passion. She wants to educate people on sex and relationships so much that she will take the impact of not making money on the content and having her content pushed less than other people. To me that teaches me to value my passion and calling in life over money, and that the positive impact you’ll have is more important than your bank account. Hannah has a podcast called Doing It! which is all about sex and relationships and she has such a great variety of guests that can bring their personal insights and stories to educate listeners. One thing that inspires me about Hannah is that she is so aware of her privilege being a sex educator in the UK and knows how to pass the mic over to others and listen and learn too. The fact that she has guests that are minorities talking about issues that effect minorities seems so simple and right but it’s not always done so I have a lot of respect for that. I also love how she wants to bring her content and knowledge outside of YouTube and to schools and conferences to reach a bigger audience. With Hannah dealing with health issues and having a disability adds representation to YouTube, it helps people learn about issues such as sex and disability and the representation of disability in the eyes of society which is something I find really important.

Kaytee from The Nurse Mum.

Kaytee from The Nurse Mum is one of the most inspirational people on social media and I’m so happy I came across her platform. She is a nurse who has a little boy with multiple diagnosis’ and she posts all about their lives as a family dealing with disabilities, Carers and everyday life with rare diagnosis’. I think it is so important to learn about the struggles of different groups of people who I would never know about before. As an Educator I want to learn about different families and different children so I can learn how to effectively support them, it is so important to research and learn as much as you can to then teach others. She is so open and brutally honest about the highs, lows and struggles of being a single mum to a child with disabilities, she talks about her mental health, the struggles with professionals and how the law and the government disadvantages families with disabilities. She is so inspiring because she supports families like hers by giving them a voice and shouts about these issues when people want to try to hide them. She deserves all the support and a shout-out in international women’s day because she just brings something new to the table and deserves all the love.

Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright is a woman of colour who is a very successful content creator and business woman. She has built a social media empire plus other businesses all off her own back. She used to work in banking which was a great job but wasn’t her passion, and left that to follow her passion project into a full time income. She has a beauty/fashion/lifestyle YouTube channel and Instagram page which has nearly FOUR million followers. Patricia is somebody who inspires so many people to follow their dreams and hustle hard that she wrote a book called “Heart and Hustle” which is all about how she turned her passion project into a full time enterprise. She is a mum of two and still running multiple businesses and social media accounts. She also has a podcast on the side which teaches about being an entrepreneur and business talks which is so useful for people who want to follow that path. She is just a hard working and a real boss that should be admired.

Ellie Blakeney

Ellie is a social media coach and influenced who I found on Instagram. She is somebody who’s content I’ve been following for a while and she has inspired me so much to up my game and follow my love for my social media accounts. Ellie runs a business called Styling Social which has a monthly influencer membership, and also she does social media coaching calls which help people nail their social media strategies. She built her business up by herself by being a consistent blogger and influencer. She works hard and is so great at her job. She is someone who is really inspiring because she knew what she wanted and she built it up herself.

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