Why I Love Instagram and HOW YOU CAN TOO.

Hello there my friends, how are we all doing right now? Please tell me down below something positive that you’ve seen or experienced recently to get some positivity going on down in the comments!

In the past month I have truly fallen in love with Instagram, I’ve been posting really regularly and I’ve been using it in such a positive way everyday. A few years ago I shared a similar post called Why I Stand By Social Media (which you should also read) so today I wanted to share with you a few different reasons why I love Instagram and how you can too!

⚠️To preface this post I just want to say that I am aware of how controversial social media is and that I know how it can have negative effects on peoples mental health. However I’m going to be talking about how I use Instagram to inspire me and to connect me with others and how to use it healthily whilst telling you what I love about it. If you feel that it is making you feel worse about yourself or you’re getting addicted to social media please limit the use of it and reassess how you’re using it. Take this time to think about things and assess how you are consuming content and what content you’re consuming⚠️

Connects people across the GLOBE

Instagram is a platform which has no borders, so it allows you to connect with people all over the globe. It gives you the opportunity to talk to and experience people you may otherwise never meet which is extraordinary!! I love how you can be in contact with people from other countries and cultures so that you can become educated on other parts of the world.

If you want to use Instagram to connect with people and make genuine connections then there are easy and healthy ways to do that. You can find people who have the same interests or hobbies as you by using hashtags in that niche. E.g I like makeup so I will find people I want to follow and connect with using #makeuptutorial or #makeupartist. This hashtag will get used by makeup lovers like me and then I can follow them and engage with their content. This is such as easy way to find people to connect with and to learn from which is amazing.

Gives us an opportunity to be creative

Instagram is a platform all about words and images, much like most platforms, and with this type of content comes creative skills. Instagram gives people a huge opportunity to be creative, it allows them to find something beautiful to photograph, then find a way to creatively take the photo, then edit it and then create a caption to add to the photo. This whole process is so creative and allows people to have creative control over their content. There is also features such as stories and IGTV which allows you to chat and talk about ANYTHING you want and also to get creative with filming skills. This is such a key thing about Instagram to me, it gives me the chance to get creative with makeup, fashion, lifestyle and photography. It gives me a reason to want to go places and do things, it gives me a push to want to use my creativity.

As an Early Years Educator I am so aware of how important creativity and using our ‘inner creative genius’ regularly is for all ages of people. So doing something which supports you being creative and doing something for the sake of being creative is really great for your emotional well being as well as any continuing development. So use your instagram account to create fun content with zero pressure and just be creative. If you like to dance, make dancing videos. If you like fashion, create outfit pictures. If you like poetry, write and share them in your caption. Take pictures or videos, edit them to how YOU like and then share them with words from the heart. Use this as your creative outlet and have fun with it.

Allows us to develop skills

Alongside being able to be creative with instagram, you can also learn some new transferable and awesome skills. You can learn photography, videography, photo editing, video editing, social media business tactics and also writing. This allows you to learn new things, add things to your CV and also just feel much more accomplished within yourself. Bettering yourself is something we should be doing all of the time and also there is always time to learn. Learning new information and skills is something we should be doing regularly as it is so important to keep learning and educating ourselves on things. Also if you’re just learning for yourself and for your own benefit you can really take the time to master it without any pressure to be perfect from the go.

These skills can be used elsewhere in your life so they’re fun and amazing to learn, for example if you have your own business or work for a company who want to start using social media advertising you can take on that role and be really good at it. So you can take your time to develop the different skills Instagram can bring to you and then you can apply it to other areas of your life.

It’s a fun hobby!

Coming away from the old hustle culture, Instagram is just such a fun hobby. I sure as shit don’t get paid to write and create ANY of my content and I’m okay with that because it’s fucking good fun. It makes me happy and it makes me proud of myself. I am being creative and taking my new skills to add to myself. I am making memories and enjoying what I have and what I can do with it.

You too can have Instagram as a fun hobby, you can download the app, create an account about WHATEVER you want and start posting. You can just post for yourself, you can try to build up an audience and share your content with them or you can use it to make friends!

However if things become addictive, too much pressure or make you feel negative towards yourself you NEED to step away and reassess how you use Instagram. You should unfollow anybody who makes you feel less about yourself, you should set boundaries on how much you share and you should limit your time online until you feel like it has a positive impact on you again!

Created alternative jobs and flexible working hours

In this day and age social media has created ‘alternative’ jobs for people to do, which in turn creates flexible work hours and a new conversation about working. There are many ways to make money from social media such as Instagram which allows people to work from home more, work for themselves and create their own work routine and environment. This allows people to work to their advantage as they can determine how they make money and how best they work because they are their own boss. This is an amazing thing which has come from social media and has CHANGED LIVES for so many people who just don’t want to work ‘conventional hours’ in an ‘conventional job’ in a ‘conventional workplace’.

If you are wanting a full time job in social media and content creating then use instagram to your advantage. Use it to create an engaged and interested audience, and then learn how to pitch yourself and your content to brands. Build a portfolio and confidence within yourself to explain to brands how you’re worthy of their support. Stay true to yourself and apply yourself to your content to build a brand for yourself. Use any information or resources which are available to you such as social media coaches or even free ebooks on working in social media.

It gives businesses a bigger reach!

Businesses have been shifting over from ‘traditional’ advertising to social media, and this can really help businesses reach a wider audience. This is one of the MAGICAL things about Instagram, it allows small businesses to get out there and get more people to know they exist. For example, a business I would NEVER have found without Instagram but I love so dearly that I want to TELL everyone I know about them so they’re not missing out is Lucy&Yak. Lucy&Yak are a clothing brand who create really cool pieces whilst being as sustainable and ethical as possible, they’re a brand I want to regularly support because their clothing are amazing and they support their workers and this planet. However without them being tagged in instagram by content creators such as Hannah Witton I would never have found them or got my beloved sunflower dungarees.

If you have a business, brand or service then definitely make an Instagram account for them, this will help your reach be much wider and could be worldwide. It allows more and more people to find your business which can increase your sales massively.

Helps us record and document memories in a social way.

Something really special about Instagram is the fact that you can post pictures that you snap throughout your day to day life or on special occasions to share your memories with others and yourself in the future. It helps you to keep these memories safe and also share them with others, you can all reminisce on moments you might have forgotten but then seeing an image from that moment can bring it all back.

There are just a few reasons why I love using Instagram and also how you can fall (back) in love with it too! It can be such an amazing tool and social media site, and I wanted to share my love for it with the world.

Let me know down below your thoughts on Instagram and also whether you agree with my points and share your reasons down below!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. If you’ve enjoyed my recent content then please leave me a like, comment and follow so I know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which are all left down below. I hope you have a good day or night wherever you are, and God bless.

Alex xxx


  1. Love this post Alex! It’s nice to read about the good attributes of social media as opposed to just the potentially damaging side to it too xx

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  2. This was a refreshing post to read on IG – I think it can be so easy to enter into a negative headspace when talking about IG, but I really like how you focused on the positives of IG from connecting with people to growing a business and just being more creative.

    P.S. congrats on smashing your views goals!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I truly have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. I love it, I like how I can be creative and how I can easily connect with people. I’ve met amazing girls through Instagram. The things I have with Instagram is that I want that perfect feed, the perfect pictures and just overall a perfect account. I’m a perfectionist so that’s what makes me feel like this, but that’s also the reason why I somehow feel pressure to post amazing stuff and because I put this pressure on myself, I feel overwhelmed and that makes me not post something at all. I’m working on this, but it’s a bit of a struggle!

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