One EASY and AFFORDABLE Way To Look After Your Mental and Physical Health During This Scary Time.

Our mental health is one of the most important things for us to look after in times of distress and chaos. There are so many ways to look after your mental health but it can get so expensive and difficult to do, especially since we are keeping ourselves safe in our homes.

Looking after our mental health is crucial as it is so interlinked with physical health, and right now in a pandemic physical is so important. We need to keep our physical and mental health in balance so that we can get through these scary and unforgiving time.

After a week of staying indoors my mental health started to dip and I made myself a self-care box to help look after myself. It is so important to take time out of your day or week for yourself and to check in on your needs and wants. This is especially important when all you have is time. It’s vital that you don’t start to spiral and fall down a rabbit hole with your mental health so spending time to create a box specifically to care and love yourself is perfect.

Description: “Change Your Mentality and See Self-Care as Self-Investment”

What’s a self care box?

A self care box is a collection of different things which make your mind feel emotions such as relaxation, calmness and love for yourself. It contains some of your favourite things that allow you to actively care and look after yourself.

What do I put in my self care box?

You can put anything that will make you feel happy and will give a chance to focus on yourself. You should put in something that will help you with escapism (like a book or your favourite film), something to keep your hands and mind busy (like a colouring sheet or notebook to write in), to look after yourself (such as a bath oils or favourite nail colour), to uplift you (like a nice picture or your favourite snack) and then something that reminds you to prioritise your health (like a piece of exercise equipment or some vitamins).

How do you use a self care box?

When you are feeling low within yourself you can pull it out and create some you time. You can use it to create a routine of self love which can use used whenever you feel like you need a pamper in any way.

Can you show me an example??

Of course! Here is what is in my self care box. I have a book of inspirational speeches from powerful women, book review note pads, mindful colouring sheets, some dark chocolate, a resistance band, candles, face masks, nail varnish and nail file, bath salts and oils, body moisturiser, lip balm, razor, and a note book.

So for my the book, colouring, notebook and book review pad are for keeping my mind busy and grounding myself. My face masks, nail products, bath products, moisturiser, lip balm and razor are for good hygiene care which is something that can slip away from us when our mental health isn’t where it should be. The candles are to help me make ambience and to make my environment much more relaxing. The dark chocolate is something that I love but isn’t TOO unhealthy but still makes me feel happy. The resistance band is in there to remind myself that moving my body is loving my body, and it is still a form of self care. It is in there to be a reminder of what my body and mind can do, and then if I feel like I can do it I can go and do some light exercise.

This my friends is one easy and affordable way to help your mental and physical help during this scary time. I hope you all are staying safe and taking care of yourself.

Let me know down below what is going to go into your self care box!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. If you’ve enjoyed my recent content then please leave me a like, comment and follow so I know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which are all left down below. I hope you have a good day or night wherever you are, and God bless.

Alex xxx


  1. Loved this post! Self-care is so important, I need to start talking more time for myself! I also love the idea of a self-care box and I think I might put one together for myself while I’m staying at home! Thanks for sharing xx

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  2. The ‘She Speaks’ book looks so good, I can’t wait to add that to my Amazon wish list. I love the idea of making your own self care box, all the online ones are quite expensive and it’s a little off putting for some!

    Al x

    Liked by 1 person

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