The 5 Best Ways To Care For Yourself Right Now.

We are living in a very testing time, where self love and care isn’t deemed as a priority. BUT IT SHOULD BE. You should be using this time to look after yourself because health is the most important right now and with the amount of time we have to ourselves we should be using it FOR ourselves. So today I want to share with you 5 of the BEST WAYS to look after yourself right now.

This is something that will be easy, affordable and effective so that you can look after yourself from within your home. So please share this with friends to help them look after themselves too.

1. Self Care Box

I recently wrote a blog post all about Self Care Boxes and how to create one to help look after your mental and physical health. I won’t go into too much detail right now, so if you want to learn more about it you can check out that post, but self care boxes are a really easy and affordable way to care for yourself.

2. Fuel Your Body

You cannot function properly without feeding and fuelling yourself, so make sure that you are eating a balanced and enjoyable diet to help fuel yourself through this scary time. Food has been quite a worrying thing right now so try not to panic about it, try to really strip back your diet and eat essential things such as soups, pasta dishes or rice dishes. Try to include as many nutrients as you can, especially since we cannot go outside much to get nutrients such as Vitamin D from the sun, so have plenty of fruit and veggies, as well as a funny yummy treats too.

Something else we need to remember is to stay HYDRATED. We need to keep our water intake up especially since we are less active so we won’t feel like we need it. Keep your body hydrated.

I will be doing a post soon all about basic, cheap and easy meals to make during this time to help fuel yourself. So if you want to see that then please let me know down below and include some recipes you’re loving too so we can all be inspired.

3. Create A Routine

Routines are amazing for us mentally because it tricks our brains into thinking there is no change going on as our brain HATES CHANGE. So creating yourself a routine allows you to keep your brain on track but also stops you from becoming low. A routine really activates your brain and helps you feel better about the fact we are stuck at home and not doing the same things we would be achieving usually.

I have posted a video on my IGTV recently all about HOW to create a routine so if you need inspiration on how to do that then definitely go and check that out.

Your routine doesn’t even have to be for productivity in the generic sense, it can just help you plan out your days so that they don’t just blend into one. Here is an example of a loose, basic routine for you to take inspiration from.

4. Exercise Your Mind and Body

Movement is so important for our bodies and we don’t realise how much we move around during our normal everyday lives until we cannot go anywhere. So we’ve got to try to keep up with that and keep our bodies physically healthy. Whether that be a nice walk every evening, a home work out, following a yoga/stretch video for 10 minutes a day or dance around your bedroom with some music blasting. Just make sure you move around as much as possible to give your body and mind the best chance to feel healthy and happy.

You should also keep exercising your mind by doing things such as reading, colouring or puzzles to keep you engaged. This gives your brain the chance to keep busy and active with everything on the outside going on so that you don’t fall into a rabbit hole of fear and news stories.

5. Have a Mental Health First Aid Kit.

Our mental health is something that will be massively impacted during this period of self isolation due to lack of socialisation, health anxiety and massive change to our constants. So we need to make sure that we have tools and activities which actively help our mental health, that we can implement whenever we feel our mental health dropping.

I have been given a few different tools to help me manage worry and depressive states from attending therapy sessions HOWEVER I am NOT a professional so I cannot tell you exactly what you need to do and I cannot guarantee that what works for me will work for you so please keep that in mind.

Things like worry management can be effective for this type of time, i personally like to write down what’s worrying me, dedicate a set worry time for the day and at that time I write out potential actions to take and the pros and cons of each action to help me. Then for low and depressive moods I try to reactivate myself by creating small loose plans for each day to do at least one necessary, one routine and one fun thing each day. This is what’s in my Mental Health First Aid Kit but definitely use whatever helps you and what can make the most positive affect on you.

There are my 5 top tips on how to care for yourself right now during this period of pandemic and social distancing. I hope that you are all well and that you’re looking after yourselves. Stay safe and stay at home friends.

If you have any tips that you find to really work when it comes to caring for to yourself then definitely share them down below and lets chat!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. If you’ve enjoyed my recent content then please leave me a like, comment and follow so I know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which are all left down below. I hope you have a good day or night wherever you are, and God bless.

Alex xxx

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  1. I’m still struggling with keeping a routine, some days I feel like I got it and some days I feel depressed and don’t want to do anything related to a routine. I feel like eating my veggies and fruits do help me to feel at least a little bit healthy!


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