My March Favourites.

Welcome to my third favourites post of the year! Did you catch up on my last one? If not and you like these posts then definitely check out my February Favourites post. In these favourites posts I talk about beauty favourites, clothing favourites, Lifestyle favourites media favourites and my favourite people of the month! So... Continue Reading →

My February Favourites

Welcome to my February favourites, we are powering through the winter months and coming up to spring. The daffodils and snow drops are starting to come up and I cannot wait for the warmer months. I hope your February was great but if not I hope your March is much better for you. Here are... Continue Reading →

My January Favourites

Welcome to the first monthly favourites of the year and also the first monthly favourite as AlexandriaKayWrites (yay!), how has your January been so far? I hope it's been a period of motivation, inspiration and adjustment for you! So my monthly favourites will consist of 5 categories (Beauty, Clothing, Lifestyle, Media, and People) and so... Continue Reading →

My August Favourites

Welcome to my August favourites guys! These are all of the things I have been loving in the month of August and going into September, if you enjoy these monthly favourites do let me know so I can do more each month! First off I want to talk about my beauty favourites! My first beauty... Continue Reading →

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