Having alternative life plans and goals

As we know life will not always turn out the way we expect it to, things happen and we have to adapt quickly. It is not always great to focus on the negative and expect this type of thing to happen, however I feel that it’s always necessary to feel prepared for it. Today I’m gonna be talking about alternative life plans and goals for when certain things go to shit and people change their directions which directly effects you.

When I was a child I always wanted to go to university because I bloody loved to learn, education was my thing. However as you will know I didn’t end up going to university at the conventional age of 18 when I finished A Levels which completely threw off my ‘original life plan’. I always wanted to be a nurse or a vet to help and make a difference, as you may know I’m training to be an Early Years Educator which is not what I intended to do. Realistically this shit happens, things change, people change and most importantly we change. I didn’t want to become a nurse or vet because at the end of the day science wasn’t a strong point of mine like education is. Significant things happen to us all that throw a spanner in the works and make us grow and adapt, I was having doubts about university in the first place and then my dad got extremely ill and I took that as a definite sign I needed to stick around. I had to change the plan because the circumstances required me to, and that is okay.

Over the past few years things have changed to a point where I am on a completely different journey than I was back then and that’s okay, but it’s got me thinking about life plans. I could sit here and say “don’t bother having a life plan because realistically I could change and that could waste your time” but I’m not going to. Having life plans gives you a sense of purpose and directionality, it gives you a light at the end of the tunnel which a lot of people need to work towards. Something I have thought about instead is having a few different plans so that you don’t feel completely lost and despaired when something doesn’t work out for you. You have something else to pick you up when you get knocked down.

Personally I have a few plans in mind which I have thought about and I am happy with. My plan A is to move in with jack into our first home, to work in a nursery full time and do some specific training to help me work up to a different position. My plan B is to work somewhere in my field whilst doing an open university course to then go and do a masters in Speech and Language Therapy. My plan C is if Jack and I don’t work out then I could go to university and do a degree in early childhood studies and then do my masters in speech and language therapy. My plan D is that if Jack and I don’t work out I can join an Au Pairing Agency and go to another country for a year and work with another family. Any of these plans could change and become plan A, and I am okay with that. I think that having alternative plans in life is okay, I’m not saying that I want any of the alternatives to happen but I want to be prepared if something does.

This is just a bit of a reflective post for me really and I wanted to discuss it with you guys to see what you think too. Whether you have multiple alternative plans or if you have none at all and just go with the flow. Either way I don’t judge you and I respect you for it. If you feel comfortable enough to please leave me a comment with your thoughts and opinions, as well as your plans if you wanted to share them. Why not put them out into the universe for the law of attraction to hopefully pick up on them.


  1. I really love this. It’s so hard to learn that things don’t go the way we always planned and that we need to move on and just amend our plans. It’s nice to have a “back-up plan” regardless of if you use it or not. I’m always hoping for the best but not very disappointed if all goes wrong. Just have to change course and keep going.

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  2. I love how many plans you have. And I really love that you have planned for a life without your current significant other. I feel like so many plan their lives around a sig. other that when it ends it can be really bad and hard to move on. I love that all of your plans are following your current dream. Life changes. We change. But I, too, think it is great to always have a life path/purpose! Great post, Alex!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, yeah it’s okay to think of alternatives because it can be naive to think that they’ve only got one plan with one person. I can understand it but I think it’s better to have alternatives! Alex


    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I think it is important to have plans but also to have alternatives as well as moments of fuck it what will happen will happen. I’m glad you liked the post lovely x

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