My January Favourites

Welcome to the first monthly favourites of the year and also the first monthly favourite as AlexandriaKayWrites (yay!), how has your January been so far? I hope it’s been a period of motivation, inspiration and adjustment for you! So my monthly favourites will consist of 5 categories (Beauty, Clothing, Lifestyle, Media, and People) and so over the year you can see what I’ve been enjoying in each category. Lets begin..


Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Eyeshadow Palette

In December I bought myself the Anastasia Beverley Hills Riviera palette in T.K Maxx for £24.99, this was such a bargain and I have been wanting this palette for a while but couldn’t quite bite the bullet for it. It is a gorgeous colourful palette with a few more neutral shades which screams summer and fun vibes, and I have been loving being creative with it. Ive been most frequently using the pinks and more warm tones in the palettes which it is full of, and it’s been working so well for me. I do love the shimmers and there’s such a nice range of them but I’ve been using the mattes much more. I’ve heard that people regret this palette and haven’t been using it, and that makes me sad because I’ve been adoring it. I also have been using it in my second shop my stash bag for January so I’ve got really good use of it.

Here’s some of the looks I’ve created using this palette:

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light Bronzer

My darling friend Megan bought me this for Christmas based off my #12DaysOfBlogmas//Christmas Beauty Wishlist and Gift Guide post which I think was just so amazing. I’ve been using it none stop to the point where it went into my first makeup bag of Jan because I needed to keep using it. It’s a nice lighter shade so I can go in quite heavily with it on my face without it looking crazy and I love how yellow toned it is because it isn’t too red on my skin. I have just been LOVING this product so thank you Megan!

Peaches and Cream PC06 Brush

The face brush I have been LOVING this month is the Peaches and Cream Wide Flat Foundation brush. I saw this on their Instagram during a tutorial in December and I decided this was one of the brushes I needed to add to my order before Christmas, and I’m so happy I did. This brush works so well for foundation but I ADORE it for concealer. It works the best for cream products instead of liquid products and so I’ve been using it so them the most. It applies products so well and allows me to blend and buff so easily. I would definitely recommend it for anybody. P.s Peaches and Cream do a four brush bundle OF ANY BRUSHES OF YOUR CHOICE for £15. Bearing in mind this foundation brush itself is £7 which is like half the price of the bundle! I love it.

Glossier Stretch Concealer

I got this concealer in my What I Got In December haul and if I’m honest I am well and truly obsessed. I use this concealer on fuller beat or natural beat days, I also use it as concealer or as foundation and I love how it looks. It is so dewy but long lasting (considering how dewy it is) and it just looks so flawless on my skin, it’s basically how my skin looks after my skincare routine and I’m living for that. I want my skin to look so healthy even when I’m wearing makeup, so this makes my heart happy. I almost exclusively use it with the PC06 brush because they work so well together in spreading it across the face or buffing it under the eyes. I have tweeted Glossier multiple times to make a stretch foundation because I will buy SO MANY BACK UPS OF IT. Imagine a foundation of this concealer? PERFECTION IT WOULD BE. So for now I’m living and breathing for this concealer. Until I get more products in this formula.


Teddy Bear Jumper

I currently own two teddy bear-esque jumpers and they’re my favourite comfy items of clothing. One of them I included in my Five recent purchases I am loving post and I love it so much. I wear it when I’m active outdoors, when I’m heading to work, for the walk to the gym and also in everyday wear. The other one I got for Christmas and also wear the same, I mainly wear it for work on the cold dark morning and evenings, but I also wear it in the house over my PJ’s when it’s cold. They’re so cosy and comfy but also cute that I think they’re winter staples.

Denim Jacket

Similarly to the Teddy Bear Jumpers, I also mentioned my denim jacket in my five recent purchases I am loving post but I’ve been almost EXCLUSIVELY only wear my denim jacket at the moment. This particular one is grey/black, has pockets which can hold a whole book, and goes with everything so it’s perfect for me. It is practical and ~FaShIoN~ so I LOVE it.


Audio Books

Audio books have become such a huge thing for me at the moment, and if I’m well and truly honest it’s been a saviour for me. I haven’t been sleeping well at all, and if I am laying in the silence I will just ruminate until I have an almost panic attack, so I have been listening to audio books to keep my mind busy so I can sleep. So I have been listening to a few different books to keep myself sane and they’ve been such a gem.

The Gym

I have been going to the gym for a few months now but I’ve really gotten into it in January, my mental health has been pretty low and so the gym gives me a chance to work on my mind and my body. I love being able to give 1.5 hours of my day to push myself and make myself stronger. I’m just falling for it harder.


The Color Purple by Alice Walker

This was the first book of 2020 that I read and it was such a good one to start on, I read it in 4 days which shows how much I enjoyed it. It is a diary/letter type book where Celie the main character writes letters to God and it goes through the struggles of a young black womens life. It covers sexual assault, loss, grief, forced marriage, marital issues and LGBTQ+ themes. It’s an amazing classic book and I definitely recommend.

Big Little Lies

This was the first audiobook I’ve ever listened to, and it was such a great great book. It is full of twists and turns with the murder mystery aspect, which makes the book moreish and interesting. It covers themes such as motherhood, sexual assault, domestic violence, divorce and other things which give you different views on these themes. I loved the book and listened to it constantly, especially at night.

Lily Allen

In January I have listened to Lily Allen’s book My Thoughts Exactly and also a lot of her music. She has been such an interesting person to me when listened to her book and so I’ve been listening to her music so much this month. Her book is so raw and honest that it makes you admire her, she talks about drugs, alcohol, family life and loss which I’ve never heard be talked about in such a candid way before.


Golden by Harry Styles

Walls Could Talk by Halsey

Anyone by Demi Lovato

The Fear by Lily Allen

LDN by Lily Allen

Malibu by Trixie Mattel



Annie is a makeup artist who I follow on Instagram and her looks just inspire me so much. The way she uses colour and techniques is amazing, and I am loving her content. I’m gonna share some of my favourite looks of here so definitely check her out and follow her if you don’t already!

Julia Mazzucato

Julia is a YouTuber who I had found at the tail end of 2019, however in January I have been binge watching her videos so much. I have loved all of her so in-depth makeup reviews, her more honest chatty videos and also just the incredible concept videos she creates. I love her personality and just how passionate she is about education and makeup. She’s someone who I find incredible and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the internet in 2020.

Trixie Mattel and Katya

Throughout 2019 I had been working my way through all 11 series of RuPauls Drag Race (mentioned in my last Favourites post). Two of the contestants which I have madly fallen in love with are Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamalodchikova. These two queens were on season 7, both have been on different All Stars seasons and have multiple internet shows together including UNHhhh, The Trixie and Katya Show and I Like To Watch. The internet shows are what I have been obsessed with, I have watched so many of their shows over the past month. They have made me smile so damn much in this really low month for me, that I cannot miss them out at all.

There are my first monthly favourites of 2020, I would love to know what your favourites of the month are so please let me know down below. I love writing and reading these posts, so if you have any you’ve written yourselves please send me them too!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. If you’ve enjoyed my recent content then please leave me a like, comment and follow so I know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which are all left down below. Good night or day wherever you are, and God bless

Alex xxx

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  1. Omg seeing your swatches and looks of Riveria makes me wish I kept it lol! Also, glad you’re loving the Butter Bronzer – it is my fave!!!

    I finally heard “Anyone” when DL performed at the Grammy’s and damn… she sang her heart out and was 100% my fave performance of the night!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw man, but if you weren’t loving it or using it enough then it’s not worth keeping. Yeah I really am, it’s gorgeous! I know I heard it then too and I’ve had it on repeat more than any other song this whole month


    1. The ABH palettes are great and if you find one with a colour scheme you love you’re winning. My only issue is that you do have to get to know the formula for them to work the best but that’s a personal thing to me. Once you crack that they’re amazing!


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